About Livewire Studio Ltd


Ray Lloyd

Livewire Studio has been around since 1992 & started as a small business in 1998, Set in the rural village of Stevington, Beds.

Over the years, Livewire Studio has grown in both space, equipment and quality.

Livewire Studio has been privileged to record many well known Bedfordshire artists including, 'Hekz, Helminthian, New Road, Rubberneck, Jets 2 June,

 All-Star Zero, Akita, Garry Randall & many more.

Ray's background has been in music from a very young age.

Ray started singing at the age of 7 years old and his passion took him to complete his vocal grades and become a vocal tutor.

Ray also tutors in Guitar and Bass.

In 1996, Ray attended music collage for 'Recorded and Live Sound'

After working at various venues as a sound engineer and other studios as an in-house engineer, Ray decided to go into business for himself. 

Livewire Studio has been evolving for 25 years and keeps evolving to provide you with the most faithful re-production of your sound that can be achieved.