Garry Randall

Garry Randall is a talented singer / songwriter has recently recorded his debut album at Livewire Studio.

With flavours of classic Rock with a little bit of Soul, Garry has created a diverse sound all of his own

Becky Anstead

Becky Anstead is a talented singer who has recorded a selection of cover songs at Livewire Studio.

With her clear & sweet voice, beckys tones can soothe your cares away.

(Please note, Becky is singing a cover of the song 'Time after time" Made famous by Cyndi Lauper.

Niether Becky Anstead, Livewire Studio or Ray Lloyd hold the copyright for this piece of music and the original composer, lyricist & performer / label hold the copyright) 

Ray Lloyd

Ray Lloyd is a talented singer / songwriter who is currently recording his fourteenth album at Livewire Studio.

With flavours of classic Rock with a pop mix, Ray has a diverse sound and a powerful voice.

Past clients

Over the years, Livewire Studio has had the honor of recording many impressive artists, such as: 

All Star Zero, Envy Four, Hekz, Helminthian, Jets 2 June, New Road, Rubberneck, Danni Nicholls and many more.


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