Testimonials from customers of Livewire Studio.

It’s difficult, to sum up, my many experiences at Livewire Studio in one short paragraph.

I have found the professionalism of both the studio and chief engineer / Producer/session musician/tutor: Ray Lloyd to be very reassuring.


It’s clear when you work with Ray that his 25 years experience has earned him the ability to craft both your sound and you as an artist.


When I first saw the studio (which has changed for the better in the 5 years I have worked with Ray), I was somewhat surprised to see that it really is just an ordinary room within a house. 

After recording my first demo with Ray at Livewire Studio, I have totally blown away with the sheer, sparkle and punch that came out of my car's speakers when I played the song I had recorded to my Husband.


For a small semi-pro home studio Livewire Studio delivers a high-quality recording comparable to some of the more pricey studios.


I would highly recommend Livewire Studio to and musicians wishing to record a super high-quality demo or a full album. Livewire Studio can cater for solo artists, Duos, Trios to full on six piece bands.


Remarkable quality and professionalism. 10/10 


Becky Anstead.

When I first went to Ray in June 2014 I had two new songs and enough material for the rest of the album. But once Trying and Can’t Think Straight were recorded, I realised that all the other material was about the past and those two songs were about my present, so the old songs went in the bin and I wrote the new album as we went along. Without Ray’s production skills and his incredible musical talent, this would be a bunch of demos, so massive thanks to Ray, cheers mate.


For just a room in a house, Ray's finished production is amazing. The clarity in all instruments and production means that all instruments recorded are clear and focused. For the amount of care, consideration and work that Ray put into my recording there is no doubt in my mind that Livewire Studio is the studio for me and certainly one I'd recommend to all musicians alike.


Thank you, Ray.


Garry Randall.



I'd like to take this opportunity to thank some of the people who have helped me set up & furnish 'Livewire Studio'.

Firstly, I'd like to thank Susan & Richard Lloyd, my parents, for always believing that I could run my own studio and for their help every step of the way. I would also like to thank my Fiance Rob Kitchener, for his support, advice & artistic skills.

I'd like to thank Jason Hoad from Synthax, Tony Cappocchi from Positive Grid, Dan James from ReampZone, Achim Lenzgen from Synthesiser service / Kemper & all who have given their time, knowledge & support over the years.

Thank you.