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Welcome to Garry Randall Music.


Garry is a singer songwriter from East London who has spent many years in the music scene, writing, performing and recording his own style for Rock & Blues Rock music.

A gifted song writer and musician, Garry has recorded many tracks in his time and performed to a wide variety of audiences.

Garry has spent many years as the Drummer/Percussionist & Lead Vocalist /Backing Vocalist for many bands including ’24 Carat Purple’, ‘Evil Puppies’, ‘Rock Bottom’ & ‘Face For Radio’


Garry's first album, "I didn't get where I am today" and his second album "Babel".

Now available Garry's New album,"Moth To A Flame".

Please go to the  CONTACTS page, fill in the info and Garry will be in contact!

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